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Real story with my babysitter Alice and her Peugeot 205 on a rainy autumn morning: Episode 1

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Real story with my babysitter Alice and her Peugeot 205 on a rainy autumn morning: Episode 1

Post by volodia » Wed Jun 19, 2019 7:26 pm

When I was a child, I had a big default. I always went in the morning to prepare myself. I was slow I did not like school and it was always necessary to scold me, sometimes very hard, so that I move my ass, that I eat lunch and that I dress.

My mother had more or less patience with me but Alice had a lot less.
I had the gift of annoying him, especially in the morning. My mother always said to Alice (about me) "Do not shout at her, it's useless"
Alice was in control when my mother was in the morning (which was rarely the case) But when most of the time, I was alone with Alice in the morning, Alice got very angry with me. To see sometimes even threatened me with a correction. (It's not a fantasy on my part, what I'm writing to you is quite true)

Once, when I was 15 minutes late, (I was still not dressed) Alice grabbed me by the arm and she dressed me by force while cursing and screaming like a fish rotten.

"Now you obey! that's enough ! You come here! Ohh! You see her my hand! It's not roof that orders! Now that's enough !! You prepare yourself and you go down! I'll tell your mom how bad you are! etc ............ "During the time she was my" nanny "she gave me two good spankings, a slap, and she dressed me by force taking me by the arms a good dozen times.

It must be said that there was something to get excited. In addition I made no effort.
Alice had the duty to drive me to school on time. She was paid for that so in its place I would be pissed too.

I had a math exam at school and I had not worked I was scared to go to school because of that

After getting upset with me, she said to me "Finish your breakfast, I'll start the car. It's not falling on deaf ears, you can imagine yourself!

That said in passing, the sandwiches that Alice prepared me were disgusting, I never finished them. But on the other hand, as I was in love with Alice, I loved the idea that her hands were her who prepared my breakfast. And to have surprised one day in trains to prepare my toast, I found that she licked a lot fingers, especially thumbs, which excited me.
So that morning, of course I did not finish my toast and I went to the bathroom to watch him start her slut 205 (because it was not a shit but a slut! visual appearance, its 205 was charming and the body quite clean)

My parents were often on a business trip, so Alice slept at my house when she kept me for several days and of course her car was out all night long

The windows of the car were not frosty but it was cold and it had rained a lot during the night.
She opens the door and quickly climbs into the 205 but without putting on her belt.
From the bathroom I'm on the right side to see the ignition key. (When I think what a beautiful time it was.)
She puts the key in contact, she pulls the choke and quickly shakes the gear lever. (I always found that sexy)

It gives the first blow: chouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiou -------- nothing.
It gives the second blow: chouiouiouiououououiouiouiouiouiou ------- nothing

The next five or six strokes are the same. But Alice never showed in her body language the slightest sign of annoyance, which may seem surprising when one thinks of the attitude she had towards me, but it was so. Alice in her 205 was impassive. The frozen image of a girl who insists just as much as it takes to start, but without ever showing any sign of stress.

From the diziemme shot, I see her dive sharply in his seat. She begins to pump the gases for about fifteen seconds and then she shakes the gear lever with great zeal. (She makes her cranberry).

Now she forces. She turns the key and holds it firmly while pumping as if her life depended on it.
You believe it or not, I counted on my little watch "Walt disney" 1 minute and 24 seconds !!!!!!!!!! While pumping!
The 205 starts to start from 60 seconds but it does not start for good so Alice held the key and pumped even harder until Vrouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum liberator. (I kept the watch in memory)

The 205 was running and had no desire to stay and Alice knew it very well. Since we were already very late, for once Alice made all she could so that the 205 would not die.

Vroooom Vromm ----- --------- Vrom, Vrom ------------ Vrom, Vrom, Vrom -------------- --------- Vrooooooooooooooooooooom (deep for about five seconds.

Alice gets out of the car to pick me up. I hurry back to the kitchen, put in the trash toast, put on my jacket and wait as if kidney was in the corridor.

Alice asks me authoritatively if I have not forgotten anything and we leave the house to enter the 205 which was about to stall.
Before I get in the back Alice rushes into his seat and gives two big shots of gas. Vrooooooooom-Vrommmmm-. But the engine falls on a very unstable slowdown at the edge of the rigging.

Alice gets out of the car and settles in the back and buckles my belt.
Alice gets behind the wheel and we go back to the main street in my neighborhood.
When we arrive on the street, Alice releases the throttle, presses on the clutch and brakes. She puts on her first gear and during this time the 205 chokes and dies.

The 205 stuck hundreds of times there, cold and hot. It had become a habit, almost a ritual.
Alice puts the gear back, throws the throttle down and turns the key with her beautiful sexy right hand and talking to her car. "Come on casserole, now you stop puncturing" He always said that after a stall.

It will take a five or six key strokes to restart it followed by a small vroum quite insufficient to take the risk to engage on the road.
The road is deserted and Alice can turn on the gas and drive to the first stop to get on the main road.

By the time Alice started downshifting to stop at STOP 205 was already off. So we come to STOP engine off. But again, it was a place where Alice used to turn on. She was content to say "no, do not break cocotte"

She turns it on again with one long key stroke. About 12 seconds. Chouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiouiou ----------- vroummm, vrommm ---
But we have to wait for a tractor to go so she plays with the gas while being fully aware that its engine is flooding.

So now why his 205 was drowning all the time. Well just because she never thought to remove the choke! She always left too long and she always pulled too much to start, hot and cold. If you add to that, a carbu in bad condition, candles rooms, a slow motion and poorly adjusted humidity and everything is explained. Of course, when I was a child I did not know all that. And Alice neither!

So I thought her car was nasty and that Alice was doing her best to try to make this nasty car work.

I finish my story. So we arrived at school but there were a lot of people in front of the school. Moms queued to drop off their children.

Alice had to stop on the road. It was necessary to wait and advance a few meters every 15 seconds.
The engine is flooded. He is unable to idle.
But as always in this situation, Alice gives less and less gas and lets his engine choke little by little instead of making it scream to clean up.
Finally we arrive in front of the school. His engine is breaking. She does as if kidney was. I get out of the car on the co-pilot side and she says to me, "Well then, I'm not allowed to kiss? "
I kiss her quickly done well, because I was always very upset when she scolded me like that morning.

I go to the school yard and hide in it as the school bell has already sounded.
For 2 minutes Alice stayed in her car hand on the gear lever without doing anything.
I was hoping to see it restart but no. She waited more than 2 minutes so I had to go back to school or my schoolmistress killed me.

But by chance !!!!!!!!! The mistress had opened the window that led to the road to ventilate the classroom.
So I could see and hear Alice when she decided to leave.

It took about 5 minutes before Alice decided to restart her car slut and finally succeed in turning it on, heat it, and keep it running for good. But she rarely did. Most of the time, her 205 continued to stall. Once warmed, it stalled much less certainly.

But if she let the engine run without giving gas for more than a minute, the engine would still end up stifling and gradually choking on the muffler and gearshift during the final spasm. from the engine to the edge of the rigging.

The whole class could hear the restart scene. Except that everyone was avoiding except me and the mistress!
Alice insisted, the 205 started then recaled. The mistress even said at one point in a sympathetic tone, "Oh, poor thing, she can not leave again"

I was in a state of stress of indescribable excitement!

After a fierce fight Alice managed to keep this bitch running and she left screaming the engine, which was very rare.
The mistress made one last comment, "Ah, she succeeded, ah those car when they do not want to work .......... "

It turns out that the mistress spoke from experience because she was driving a renault 5. I have never seen it difficult to start but when she started renault 5 she had always screamed the engine. Vrooooooooom !!!

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