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The stop sign and the stalled car

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The stop sign and the stalled car

Post by BigChie33 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:12 am

Morning all , here with more tales ,of cars that won't start ,my favorite subject ,ha ha ha , well I was lucky enough to have grown up when the carburetor was king , any way ,I can't speak for every one of course ,but one of my favorite ,things ,was stalling at the stop sign , been there many times as a kid , my mom would never let the car warm up ,even when it took a while to start , just throw in gear back out the drive ,spitting and sputtering ,put it in drive and off we would go ,and damn near every time ,that first stop sign ,she would pull up as soon as it stopped rolling ,it would die ,even before she tried to restarted it you could smell the gas ,so nice ,well her leg and the key were like one ,the very second she turned that key her leg was bouncing up and down on that pedal , now I admit there were some embarrassing moments ,it did not matter if any one was behind us or not ,didn't bother her at all ,but I still couldn't help myself ,I loved it ,,at that time we had 64 olds 98 man I love the sound of that engine when it would not start ,get me so damn excited I couldn't hardly stand it ,mom she would crank and pump and pump and crank ,,must be where I got my love it the long crank ,cause she would just hold that key over forever ,now I'm sure it didn't take that long ,but sometimes it seems like for ever ,even so I was always bummed out when it did finally start ,well guess that's it for now ,just wanted to sure that old memory with you guys ,later ,hope it's a good day for everyone !!

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Re: The stop sign and the stalled car

Post by Jcrank » Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:39 pm

great memories for sure!

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Re: The stop sign and the stalled car

Post by CrankyDude » Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:36 am

Probably my favorite stop sign stall occurred when I was in grade school (late 60's). There was a crosswalk near my school, with a crossing guard and almost always a line of cars leaving the school after dropping off kids. One wet morning a woman and her pretty teenage daughter pulled up to the crosswalk and their ~1960's Mercedes stalled. The woman cranked and cranked as the daughter looked nervously at her mother, the line of cars growing behind them. I could see the mother pumping, or at least bouncing gently, as she made several long cranks. I never saw if she got the car started because I had to cross with the group and get to school. When I looked at the end of the block she was still struggling.

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Re: The stop sign and the stalled car

Post by GadFly » Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:24 pm

Two great stories. Thanks for sharing them.

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Re: The stop sign and the stalled car

Post by Jebifoot » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:08 am

My favourite stop sign story I remember took place at a junction with traffic lights. That was in the end of the 80ies. I was sitting with my soccerteam in our crew bus and we came to a doubble lane junction in a town. In the lane for the left turn a car (Opel Kadett D / Vauxhall Astra MK1) stood next to the traffic light and obviously the women (think she had been mid 40 with ofice attire) had Problems to restart her stalled car. I guessed that she was already sitting there a couple of moments because you could smell the fuel. Our bus (my window) stopped next to her on the other lane. Because of that the buswindow was a bit higher I had a very good view into the car and at her leg and feet. I remember that she wore suntan pantyhose and some kind of heels. Her face looked very frustrated and she pumped(stomped the pedal), bounced and cranked as much as she could. I didn`t know why , but we had a long red phase at the traffic light, so I could spy at several attempts. I guessed as we joined the scene her engine just must have been stalled because in her first attempts the engine was at the edge of starting again but she didn`t manage it. The more she tried, the cranking sound got over form sputtering to monotone cranking. Then we had green light and left her back stranded, bouncing and cranking I think until the battery was empty. There was a long traffic jam behind her but no one tried to help.....

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