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Re: Other fetishes

Post by CrankyDude » Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:52 pm

I'm also not much a foot fetishist. I do like pumping, but the feet don't matter much.

This isn't really an example of a fetish, but I once saw a young woman in a 1970's-era Ford struggling to get it started. Of course I stayed to watch. She was actually quite pretty, despite wearing what looked like very strong hearing aids and thick glasses. (I have really bad eyesight too, so I tend to notice others with the same problem.) But what really turned me on was that it became apparent that she couldn't really hear the car cranking, so she peered through her glasses, nose pressed almost to the steering wheel to see the instrument panel, as she cranked. There was considerable pumping as she squinted to see the instruments, followed by several seconds of rest as she sat back in the seat, looking frustrated. After several attempts she got the car started, but held the key for a really long time afterwards, apparently unable to hear that it had started. I found her vision and hearing struggles to be incredibly hot!

For several years thereafter I hoped to see another vision- and hearing-impaired girl trying to start her car. I never did. I wonder how she got a license, as she seemed to be unable to see the instrument panel unless her eyes were very close.

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