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Cranking roleplay

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Re: Cranking roleplay

Post by CrankyDude » Fri Jul 19, 2019 12:35 pm

I'm not much for online role-playing, but I have managed to engage women in real life situations. One woman gave me a jump after I'd intentionally flooded my car. Another actually cranked while I played around under the hood, pretending to try to fix something that would get the car started.

Perhaps the best episode occurred one hot and humid summer day, in a 1978 Malibu I'd borrowed from my dad. I was taking summer classes at a local college, and I had just befriended a pretty girl in the cafeteria. I offered to give her a ride back to her car at another campus, which she gladly accepted. We were hitting if off, and I could tell she was interested. When we got to her car we exchanged numbers, then she got out of my car and into hers. I secretly flooded my car very badly, then started cranking. She noticed and waited patiently as I cranked and cranked. Finally I got out and popped the hood. She joined me, standing close and saying the usual stuff like "I hope it isn't the battery!"

Now, even at that young age I wore very thick bifocals that tended to slip down when I sweated, which I was in that heat. I was genuinely struggling to see the wingnut on the air filter. I kept pushing my glasses up, but they just slid right back down within a few seconds. She saw me struggling and offered to hold my glasses in place as I worked. Not quite what I expected, and I'd always been very self-conscious about needing such thick bifocals my whole life, so I felt really embarrassed that I was having such a hard time seeing. But she pressed herself against my back and reached around with a hand to hold my glasses in place, and I trembled, getting super hot and aroused. Apparently she noticed, because she placed her other hand on my belly and hugged me, saying some comforting words about my poor eyesight and hard-to-start car. I had her give the car a try, telling her to pump the gas. Eventually I thought it had gone on too long, and I was still feeling a little embarrassed about my vision problems, so I opened the throttle and the car started after a very long crank.

I can only say that if there had been any place to go for a little romance at that time, I think we both would have been into it in a big way. Sadly, we were in a very public parking lot.

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