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Older woman cranking

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Older woman cranking

Post by BigChie33 » Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:07 am

Morning every body ,now as always I'm headed back to the 60s any you guys seen an older woman try to start her car ?? Back then a lot of them had a certain style ,the family across the street with all the hot daughters ,well there mom of by this time she was in her 60s still an attractive woman for sure ,they had a lot of cars ,,one not real sure but I think it was and old Dodge ,50 or 51 they weren't the coolest looking cars back then ,but hey ,well it was most always parked right across the street in line with our driveway ,well one day mom decided to take the old labomba she hop in got settled behind the wheel and hit the starter button rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that old six volt sound slow but steady ,but her style ,which I was surprised got me rather excited every time she pushed that starter button she would stretch her leg out on the pedal and push her self back in the in to the seat and when she pumped her whole body moved back and forth but she stay in that pushed back style ,untill she let off the starter button then she would repeat this again ,she kept this up untill she got it started ,which took around five mins or so ,now I have loved a woman who gets in there and pumps the crap out of that pedal ,but I have to say I really got excited watching her ,very arousing ,have seen a couple of woman use that style over the years ,well just another memory from my days as a kid ,lucky enough to live where the cars were old and the woman stubbon !! Well later guys

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Re: Older woman cranking

Post by CrankyDude » Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:21 pm

Back in the early 70's when I was in my early teens, the single woman next door had a 1968 Chevy Impala that was always difficult to start. Her driveway was right below my bedroom window, and the woman was a nice looking Englishwoman in her forties, well-dressed and charming.

It always took at least 8-10 seconds of cranking to get the car started in the morning. Some mornings it took longer, and frequently I'd be treated to several minutes of hard cranking and sputtering and stalling. If I was lucky, she parked so that I could watch her pump through the windshield, though I have to say that I was afraid of getting caught. When I did have the nerve to watch, her style was soooooo hot! She start off with gentle pumps, heal on the floor, and gradually get stronger and stronger. She always held the key for long periods, twenty seconds at least, and often longer. One desperate morning she struggled for at least ten minutes, her heal lifting off the floor and her leg pounding the pedal. She'd pause for five seconds, then make another assault. Finally she gave up and got out of the car and told her dog, "Car won't start today. Sorry."

But the oddest thing about it all was that she never brought the car in to the shop. Or if she did, it made no difference. This woman lived next door for about two years, and the car never got any easier to start. About half of the mornings it would start after one very long crank, a quarter of the mornings it took at least a minute and several long cranks to start. Every other week it took 5-10 minutes to get it started, and I'd say once a month she couldn't get it started at all. But the next day she'd go out there and try again.

God, how I miss those days!

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